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graceSaving Grace by Barbara Rogan


Jonathan Fleishman has always been perceived as the rarest kind of politician, as idealistic as he was powerful, genuinely committed to the good of the people. For Jonathan, public approbation is the oxygen he breathes; so it is deeply galling that the one person who refuses to see his worth is his own beloved daughter, Grace. When his spotless record is challenged by accusations of corruption leveled by Gracie’s lover, a ruthless young journalist named Barnaby, Jonathan’s good life is abruptly shattered. And Grace, faced with the betrayal of a lover who used her to get at her father, comes to realize that neither man is what he seems, even to himself.

SAVING GRACE is an intricately textured book, a portrayal of a family in crisis and an exploration of the intersection between public and private lives. Library Journal called SAVING GRACE the book that “Bonfire of the Vanities tried to be.”

The Story Behind the Story

Barbara writes:

“Late in the 80’s a scandal erupted in New York City. Several high-ranking politicians were charged with various forms of corruption, including bribe-taking and extortion. One committed suicide; another fought the charges but was convicted. Standing on the steps of the courthouse, his handsome family by his side, this politician declared that what he had done was no more than business as usual, nothing out of the norm; and I was struck by his apparent belief in his own innocence, given the trial testimony about cash-stuffed envelopes exchanged in seedy bars.

But his family had also heard that testimony, and as they smiled bravely in the kleig lights, I wondered what would happen later, when the lights were no longer shining on them. What would the father say to his children at home? What would they, who must have looked up to him, make of him now? What judgment would he read in his wife’s eyes?

These questions were the genesis of SAVING GRACE.”


“Intelligent, absorbing…sheer enjoyment.”—Publishers Weekly

“Comfortably packed with complications and characters so that readers are quickly enmeshed and will be staying up all hours to see what happens next…what “Bonfire of the Vanities” tried to be.”—Library Journal

Read Saving Grace

SAVING GRACE is currently out of print except for an audiotape version published by Books On Tape. However, copies of the book are readily available through internet book-finding services such as


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