I took Barbara Rogan’s course about six months after the publication of my novel My Name is Mitch… I heartily recommend this course to any writer, published or unpublished, who wants to work intensely on their craft with fresh, intelligent and enthusiastic feedback. Barbara’s aim for her students is to help them reach the next level in their writing; in my case this aim was amply achieved. Barbara’s experience as an agent and her willingness to riff on any topic related to the craft or the business of writing were real bonuses. I ended up with my novel well-organized and better-written than it would have been without Barbara’s input.

Lynne Supeene, author of My Name is Mitch

After the thrill of having written a whole first draft of a novel wore off, I realized that I had no idea if what I wrote was any good. I wasn’t sure what might need to be changed, or why. Fortunately, I found Barbara in a Google search and her website presented a special offer to critique the opening of a story. Her assessment of my work was honest and helpful. I made many changes throughout my story, based on her advice, yet I still had a lot to learn. 

In her class, ONE GOOD SCENE, Barbara personally instructs her students on the elements of creating scenes, which serve as the building blocks of a novel. Critiques of scene submissions from fellow students, critiquing other students’ work, and receiving Barbara’s personal critiques, all helped me learn the fundamentals of the craft. I also developed a stronger eye for discovering common writing pitfalls. More than anything, Barbara’s in-depth one-on-one evaluations and willingness to discuss any writing topics make it impossible to place a value on this class.

Jenny Elliott, author of SAVE ME (Swoon Books, MacMillan)

I think this course is the best thing I’ve done in years! I am surprised by how much I have learned on this course… I certainly did not think it would be so dramatic when we started out… I now feel far more equipped to write and feel I have more control over what I write … and above all I want to write more than ever. It’s as if the craft of writing has been de-coded.

Emilia Blain, memiliab@gmail.com

I have taken three writing courses taught by Barbara Rogan, the most recent an advanced edit course titled, appropriately enough, The Next Level. There are lots of courses in writing promising all kinds of things. If anything, Barbara Rogan under-promises. I have always gotten from her courses way more than she promised. Bottom line: if you’re willing to work and take constructive critique of your writing, Barbara will take you to the next level, wherever you happen to be at the time. She’s done it for me.

Bernie Bourdeau

I knew this course would be good, but I didn’t expect this in-depth and hands-on course. I think it is one investment every writer should make in their work. Writing is a very competitive business. I think this course gives writers a winning edge. It’s worth every penny and minute of work invested.

Julie Weathers

Barbara Rogan’s course has definitely taken my work to The Next Level. By teaching us to look critically at our own work, as well as others’, Barbara helps us see our stories the way editors and readers see them, and gives us concrete tools to expand on what we do well and improve the weak areas. It’s the best thing I’ve done yet for my writing!

Roxanne Snopek, author of THREE RIVER RANCH and other novels

Barbara helped me take my writing not to the next level, but three levels up. It is a rigorous course which, if you invest your time, energy and creativity, will reward you with results beyond your imagination. She is the mentor for which we have all wished.

K. Victoria Smith

After completing my first novel, and due mostly to the prodding of my husband, I took one of Barbara Rogan’s online writing workshop along with five other students. I actually thought my work would be criticized to the point that I would realize how dismal my writing was and I could give up on the dream of becoming a published author. However, I found that Barbara heard and comprehended the writing voice of each one of her students, as diverse as we each were, and helped us to develop stronger characters and plot. She is very professional in her approach, but also fun to work with. Barbara also worked with me on the final editing and revisions to my manuscript. The results have been six agents requesting to review the entire manuscript. …I feel confident that my novel will be published in the very near future. Without Barbara’s advise, editing and encouragement this novel would not be where it is today.

Mika Ashley-Hollinger, author of PRECIOUS BONES (Delacorte Books for Young Readers)

The advanced novel course took my writing to a whole new level. This course was intense, a lot of hard work, and life changing (at least writing life changing). …Barbara’s critiques are honest, thoughtful, and focused on improving the story….Barbara helped my writing to become more grounded – full of authentic details, characters and setting that were in service to the story. …She helped me to restructure my novel so that I had a clear ending and beginning, as well as knowledge of the writing craft. Now, I’m ready to write my way through to a completed draft of my story. For me, this class was just the challenge I needed to make my writing better.

Laurie, laurc2001@gmail.com

I took Barbara Rogan’s class, One Good Scene, because I was paralyzed as a writer. I wrote thousands of words on a number of stories but could never get beyond the rough draft. …Barbara’s first lesson in this course was about the opening scene of our story or novel and what we need to include to interest an agent, an editor, and the reader. Over the next weeks, we learned the subtle art of creating artistic and unforgettable scenes. Barbara’s humor, her willingness to answer all questions, her artistic support and insightful critiques changed my life and my writing…The elusive craft of writing, which I thought I would never master, is now in my hands. I recommend this course to new writers, writers who want to improve their work, and writers who want to understand what agents and editors consider a well-crafted scene.

Y. Bullentini

Barbara Rogan brings the skills of a writing teacher along with the intuition of a published writer to the table. She guides the creative process with an eye towards the market. You will receive honest critique and support — no bouquet comes unearned. She guides at every level: the structure of your novel, character development, conflict, scene development . . . all the things you thought you knew. You definitely come away enriched and enthusiastic!

Rhonda Kurz rbkurz@shopforbrains.com

In addition to being a great writer, Barbara is also an outstanding teacher. She treats her students with respect, yet is honest in her critiques. No question goes unanswered. Though we were in a class with other people, we still received individual attention from Barbara. I would recommend this class to anyone having the desire to improve their craft.

Alice Bonthron

Barbara Rogan knows her stuff. She provides aspiring writers with clear, concise, helpful feedback of their work (which is, in and of itself, well worth the price of the course.) In addition, she provides knowledge and insight into other aspects of the writing world, that of publishers and agents. Barbara’s a brilliant writer but she’s also worked in publishing and was, herself, an agent. It’s like having three teachers for the price of one.

Annette Morgan