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 "A terrific read!  A thriller with a psychological heart of mystery, a double-ended love story, and a fascinating look at the world of high-stakes publishing."
 Diana Gabaldon.

Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.

Welcome to my little corner of the web. My name is Barbara Rogan and I am a writer. Im many other things, too, as you'll discover herein: teacher, editor, speaker, former literary agent, ranch hand and nature reserve ranger, wife and mother,but always and forever a writer.

Come inside; browse my bookshelf. Along with reviews of my eight novels and other works, you'll find the stories behind the story. Check out the writers on my desert-island list, too.

"News" is the place for updates on appearances, classes, upcoming books, movie deals, and other developments. For the latest information on my online writing workshops, you can also visit my Next Level Workshop site, which focuses on my teaching and editing work.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee in the Writers' Lounge, where we kick back and talk about both the craft and the business of writing. You might find some useful resources on my list of great websites for writers.

I love hearing from readers and answer their email personally, so drop me a line. And if you should find that you're trapped in my web, don't worry: I'll be along shortly.


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"A subtle exercise in psychological suspense that brings new meaning to the word 'retro'! The strands of the story lead from high-school to adulthood, and join the characters in a tightening web of memory, lust, and obligation--a web in which one of them lurks at the center, cruel and patient as a spider. A real can't- put-it-down ending, too!" ---Diana Gabaldon, author of THE FIERY CROSS

"SUSPICION had its way with me from start to finish… If you can put this book down before you've finished it, it's possible that your heart may have stopped beating." The Washington Post

"Rogan's smart reinvention of the haunted housewife, mad or menaced or both, is a honey…. Like Shirley Jackson, Rogan brings sophistication, skillful writing and subtlety to the business of ghosts."The San Francisco Chronicle

"Lively and sympathetic writing…highly engaging characters…a beguiling portrait of love lost and found and selfhood redeemed."-San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

"Evocative…entertaining…combines tart, crisp prose with just a touch of magic realism."-San Francisco Chronicle.

"Vivid as lightning bolts. Barbara Rogan…is evidence that writers are born, not made."-Carol Strickland, New York Times.

"What "Bonfire of the Vanities" tried to be."-Library Journal

"Intelligent, absorbing…sheer enjoyment."-Publishers Weekly


"A wonderful novel…vivid…unforgettable."-San Francisco Chronicle

"From the very first line of CAFÉ NEVO we are in the hands of a real storyteller. Barbara Rogan writes with compelling grace."-Alice Hoffman

"Indeed a wonderful novel…with richly developed characters acting and interacting… the café and its clients will long remain in memory."-Madeleine L'Engle


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