One Good Scene

A Next Level Workshop

Whether filmed, staged, or written, scenes are the basic building blocks of all stories.  Any writer who can write one good scene after another, choosing the appropriate scenes to tell the story and ordering them for maximum effect, can produce a creditable story or novel. Far too often, however, aspiring writers undertake these longer compositions before mastering the basic unit: hence this workshop, which focuses on the writing of one good scene at a time.

All the modes of writing that go into fiction also factor into the composition of scenes. In this workshop, we focus on each aspect individually, as well as their integration into a seamless, shapely whole. Topics will include setting, characterization and motivation, action, conflict, point of view, interior monologue, structure and style. The final session is devoted to plotting, so that students can apply what they’ve learned about writing the scene to a short story or novel.

ONE GOOD SCENE consists of six one-week sessions, plus a week of orientation. Like all Next Level Workshops, this one is intensive and requires a significant commitment of time: between 10-15 hours a week, according to participants. Fortunately, since the class is on-line and asynchronous, the time can be at the student’s convenience. Participants should be prepared to undertake weekly writing assignments, peer critiques, and participation in class discussion. All student work will be critiqued by Barbara as well.

Class size is limited, and in this workshop it’s first come, first served. Tuition is $395 USD, including a $75 registration fee. Students who enroll but decide that the course is not right for them can withdraw and receive a refund of the full tuition less the registration fee, provided they do so within two weeks of the start date. The next workshop is scheduled to begin October 15, 2020. To apply, or for additional information, please email me at next.level.workshop [at] gmail [dot] com.

DISCOUNTS: Returning students receive a 15% discount.