Two Cover Reveals

Print books have tragically short lives, much shorter than butterflies.  They are born, they appear for a short while in bookstores, and a few weeks later, unsold copies are sent back to the publisher. Eventually unsold stock is released as remainders, and once those are gone–sold or pulped–the book is out of print.  Only the most popular and fortunate of writers had the pleasure of seeing all their work in print at the same time. Readers lost out, too, when they couldn’t find backlist books of writers they enjoyed.

The advent of ebooks and POD has changed all that, to the great benefit of writers and readers alike. I’ve already had the pleasure of seeing my three last books, SUSPICION, HINDSIGHT, and ROWING IN EDEN,  reissued by Simon & Schuster  in those formats. Today I am delighted to announce that two more books will soon join their ranks. CAFE NEVO and SAVING GRACE  were my second and third novels. Both were wonderfully reviewed when they first came out, and I’m thrilled that they’ll now have the chance to find new readers.

In a few days I’ll let you know the exact pub date, but it won’t be long now. For the moment, I’m very happy to share my new covers, both illustrated and designed by Gale Haut.



“A wonderful novel…vivid…unforgettable.”-San Francisco Chronicle

“From the very first line of CAFÉ NEVO we are in the hands of a real storyteller. Barbara Rogan writes with compelling grace.”-Alice Hoffman

“Indeed a wonderful novel…with richly developed characters acting and interacting… the café and its clients will long remain in memory.”-Madeleine L’Engle


And here’s the cover for SAVING GRACE:

“What “Bonfire of the Vanities” tried to be.”-Library Journal

“Intelligent, absorbing…sheer enjoyment.”-Publishers Weekly

What do you think? Do these covers make you want to pick up the book and browse? What do they say about the books?


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