There are a few big milestones in the publication of a book. Selling it is the first, of course–getting that fateful phone call from one’s agent.  The next is finishing the final edit–letting the book go at last. The third is  receiving bound galleys in the mail: suddenly your brainchild is an actual, physical book,  cover and all. And that, dear reader, is what happened today.  The galleys of A DANGEROUS FICTION have arrived, and I’m thrilled to death. Here’s the cover:



A DANGEROUS FICTION will be out next summer via Viking Press, but the book is available for preorder already on Amazon and Booksamillion. No reviews yet, of course—but check out these amazing blurbs from fellow-writers. The latest, not yet posted,  is from bestselling author J.A. Jance:

“Clearly, the most dangerous fictions are the ones we tell ourselves.”

It’s a good day.

11 thoughts on “Galleys!

  1. Squee!

    On another note, though, I’ve been trying to order Cafe Nevo without much success. I could buy it second hand of course, but… Was it you that was talking of reissuing older books once the rights revert to you?

    • Deniz, you’re right: I have a contract for the re-publication of CAFE NEVO and another early title as ebooks and POD. Trouble is, I started “proofreading” the other title and realized that it needed work. It’s a dangerous thing to let me at one of my own books, and that particular one was written long ago. I believe I’ve grown a bit as a writer since then. Anyway, I started fiddling and ended up rewriting most of the book, which took ages. As I’m now immersed in the sequel to A DANGEROUS FICTION, I’ve set aside the older books for a little while. Not as great a multi-tasker as I used to be! I will get back to them, though, and they will be available again.

      Thanks for searching. If you want to go ahead and buy a used one, do so with my blessing. Abebooks has inexpensive copies. And CAFE NEVO is a book I’m quite proud of as it stands.

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