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Café NevoCafé Nevo by Barbara Rogan


CAFÉ NEVO is a Tel Aviv gathering place for artists, politicians, lovers, and Bohemians—both Arabs and Jews, young and old, conservative and radical. Nevo is presided over by Emmanual Sternholz, the waiter whose unblinking gaze takes in the tangled web of destinies and desires spun out around him. In this comic, tragic, and compelling mosaic of intertwined lives, Barbara Rogan has created a dazzling work of fiction—and a marvelously illuminating mirror of Israel today.

The Story Behind the Story

At the time that I wrote CAFÉ NEVO, I was living in Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is the religious center of Israel, but Tel Aviv is where the work gets done, including the work of art and literature. The social life of this hot Mediterranean city is largely conducted out of doors, in the famous (or infamous) cafés of Dizengoff Street, hotbeds of political and sexual intrigue, where all of Israel meets on equal ground. This was a novel that wrote itself—under the exacting gaze of its august protagonist, Emmanuel Yehoshua Sternholz


“An inspired, passionate work of fiction…a near-magical novel.”—Kirkus Review

“A wonderful novel … vivid … unforgettable.”—San Francisco Chronicle

“Fresh, funny, tragic, violent, sexy, mystical and romantic…Barbara Rogan’s style is utterly engaging…works beautifully.”—Christian Science Monitor

“From the very first line of CAFÉ NEVO we are in the hands of a real storyteller. Barbara Rogan writes with compelling grace.”—Alice Hoffman

“Indeed a wonderful novel…with richly developed characters acting and interacting… the café and its clients will long remain in memory.”—Madeleine L’Engle

Read Cafe Nevo

CAFÉ NEVO is currently out of print except for an audiotape version published by Books On Tape. However, copies of the book are readily available through internet book-finding services such as 

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