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I owe you all a proper blog post, and will have one soon, but in the meantime I had to share this bit of news with you. Viking is doing a  giveaway of A DANGEROUS FICTION ARC’s.  There are 100 going out to readers who enter a Viking sweepstakes. You don’t have much time, though. Tomorrow, May 22, is the deadline, so get thee to the signup page!

Batting three for three on the pre-publication reviews, by the way.  Publishers Weekly’s just came out, and it starts like this — “Someone in the New York publishing world is targeting literary agent Jo Donovan, the appealing, empathetic narrator of this clever mystery from Rogan (Suspicion), herself a former book editor and agent.”  Library Journal wrote, “This literary mystery veers back and forth between insider-gossip tone…and genuine terror at warp speed, fulfilling many of the requirements for a perfect beach read.”  And this from Booklist: “Boasting an exciting pace, well-constructed scenes, and inside information about the publishing world, this engaging mystery will attract readers of P. D. James’ similar Original Sin.” P.D. James, eat your heart out!


Anyway, folks, you can’t beat free. Here’s the link again. Good luck, and let me know if you win a copy!

About Barbara Rogan

I am the author of nine novels, including A DANGEROUS FICTION, published by Viking and Penguin. I'm also a former editor and literary agent. Currently I teach fiction writing on my online school, www.nextlevelworkshop.com.
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  1. deniz says:

    I just entered! Had to use an address in the States, though…

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