CAFE NEVO Gets a New Life, and Other Amazing News

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A brief note to all my readers: Lots of wonderful stuff has been happening these past months, including preparations for Viking’s publication of A DANGEROUS FICTION and, almost as exciting,  the reissuing of several previous books that have long been out of print. Right now we’re at the final stages of preparing CAFE NEVO  for its close-up. Set almost entirely in a Tel Aviv cafe called Nevo, this is my second novel and one that’s particularly close to my heart. It received heartwarming reviews when it came out. Kirkus called it “an inspired, passionate work of fiction…a near-magical novel,” and the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “A wonderful novel … vivid … unforgettable.” It also got amazing blurbs from two of my favorite writers, Madeleine L’Engle and Alice Hoffman. Here’s the old cover, which I loved:

cafe nevo

I’ll post the new one as soon as it’s finalized—I’m very excited to show it off.

I’ve also started hearing from readers who’ve discovered some of my other novels, recently reissued as ebooks by Simon & Schuster. It’s a wonderful thing for writers that their backlists can so easily be kept in print; before the advent of ebooks and POD, that was a privilege enjoyed by only a few top-selling authors.  If you’ve discovered SUSPICION, ROWING IN EDEN, or HINDSIGHT, there’s nothing I enjoy more than hearing from readers.

Things are starting to heat up as the July pub date of A DANGEROUS FICTION approaches. I’ve offered to visit any book club that chooses to read that book, for which Viking has released a Readers Guide,  via skype or phone or even in person if it’s not too far. A rash offer, perhaps, but it’s still open. Contact Ben Petrone at “Bennett.Petrone at us.penguingroup dot com” if you’d like to schedule a visit–or let me know directly.

While I post here only once every week or ten days, I’m constantly updating my FB author page and chatting with folks there. Please like it to stay in touch. I’m also on Twitter as @RoganBarbara.

Thanks as always  for your support and interest. And now, back to writing.


Updated to add that CAFE NEVO is now out in paperback and ebook! You can read the first chapter on line; if you like what you read, follow the links to your favorite bookstore.

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6 Responses to CAFE NEVO Gets a New Life, and Other Amazing News

  1. Zan Marie says:

    I love ROWING IN EDEN! I’ll have to get Cafe Nevo’s new version and I’ve already preordered A DANGEROUS FICTION. Does that make me a Fan? You bet!

    • Thanks, Zan Marie, I appreciate your support. I’m pretty sure that CAFE NEVO will come out at a relatively low price, too, though I don’t yet know what it will be. I have no control over the pricing of any of my ebooks, but as a frequent buyer, I know I’m always looking to snatch up good books at great prices, or vice versa.

  2. Congratulations! I love it when folks are making progress. It motivates me to write, too. 🙂

    • Thank you, Diane, though I’m wary of compliments from a self-described connoisseur of bad writing. Funny post! I think you’d enjoy working in a literary agency, digging through the slush pile.

  3. deniz says:

    I just got my copy of Cafe Nevo the other day! On top of my TBR pile 🙂

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