Celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Good Read!

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Hey, readers and writers! Need a good spooky read for Halloween? Don’t want to toot my own horn, but…oh, what the hell. Here’s what the Washington Post said: “SUSPICION had its way with me from start to finish….If you can put this book down before you’ve finished it, it’s possible that your heart may have stopped beating.”
And my favorite comparison ever:  “Rogan’s smart reinvention of the haunted housewife, mad or menaced or both, is a honey…. Like Shirley Jackson, Rogan brings sophistication, skillful writing and subtlety to the business of ghosts.”—The San Francisco Chronicle


SUSPICION combines ghosts, chaos physics, and soccer. Yeah, soccer. If you haven’t read it yet, there couldn’t be a better day.

Suspicion: A Novel by [Rogan, Barbara]

Happy Halloween, all! Stay safe out there.


About Barbara Rogan

I am the author of nine novels, including A DANGEROUS FICTION, published by Viking and Penguin. I'm also a former editor and literary agent. Currently I teach fiction writing on my online school, www.nextlevelworkshop.com.
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4 Responses to Celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Good Read!

  1. Becky Hopersberger says:

    A couple months ago, life slowed down enough for me to have an opportunity to read for the love of it. (And I _do_ love it). My favorite kinds of stories have always been mysteries and ghost stories, but if I’m being honest, it’s not why I picked up “Suspicion”.

    A year ago, I had the good fortune of taking one of Barbara’s writing classes. I loved it and learned a ton, and I needed to see if this fine lady could put her money where her mouth is.

    From the very beginning, this was a book that I _could not_ put down. I will add it to the list of reads that managed to put my life on hold. It had everything I love about a good story – including a great ending.

    I highly recommend it!

  2. deniz says:

    Oh! I just realised, I haven’t read this one yet! Better add it to my next book order…
    I’ll recommend another one to blog readers — Hindsight. Wait, but I loved Cafe Nevo, too. And Rowing in Eden…

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