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Cementing the Goal Posts

Send to Kindle  Writing is a rigged game in which the goal posts recede as you approach them. At first, the deepest desire of the writer’s heart is to find an agent, the necessary first step toward finding a publisher. … Continue reading

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The Inside Scoop: A Publicist’s Take on Book Marketing

Send to Kindle  No one writes for his desk drawer. Books are a means of transmitting stories, ideas, history, experience, and emotion; and that transmission can only succeed when the books are read. But to be read they must first … Continue reading

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Cafe Nevo Revisited

Send to KindleWhen published books are reissued, it’s unusual to get any critical attention at all, so I was thrilled when I learned that Ellis Shuman recently reviewed CAFE NEVO for “The Times of Israel.” I think I enjoyed his … Continue reading

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