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Good Writers are Good Editors

Send to Kindle  Consider this scenario.  The first novel of writer John Doe has landed on the desk of a leading literary agent. Attached to the title page is a post-it from the agent’s assistant: “Good writer!” it says. The … Continue reading

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In Praise Of Outlines

Send to Kindle  In a recent blog post, novelist Donna Gillespie makes an eloquent case for writing without an outline, a clarion call for writers to shed their bonds and dive into their stories. Outlining is a “soul-killing, oxygen-sucking waste … Continue reading

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Cross-Writing: Gender Bending Through Fiction

Send to Kindle  I read a good book lately, and it got me thinking, as good books tend to do. The book was RESTLESS, by British novelist William Boyd, and it’s about two women, a mother and her grown daughter. … Continue reading

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