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Publish AND Self-Publish: an Interview with Bestselling Author Lorraine Bartlett

Send to KindleI’ve got a delightful surprise today: an interview with one of the savviest writers I know, Lorraine Bartlett. Lorraine writes fiction under several names, including Lorna Barrett. If you don’t already know her work, waste no time! The … Continue reading

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Behind the Curtains: What Publishers Really Do

Send to KindleAn awful lot of what publishers do for books, they do behind the scenes and prior to publication. Viking/Penguin  is going to publish A DANGEROUS FICTION in late July, and they are gearing up in all sorts of … Continue reading

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10 Things Writers Should Expect From Literary Agents

Send to Kindle  Gone—long gone—are the days when writers finished their manuscripts, wrapped them in brown paper and mailed them to Mr. Doubleday or Mr. Lippincott. These days, major publishers rely on literary agents to prescreen manuscripts, and most won’t … Continue reading

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The Best Part of Publishing

Send to KindleThe problem with living in the golden age of anything is that you never know it at the time. It is what it is, that’s all. Only much later, when it’s over, do you realize in retrospect what … Continue reading

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Don’t Bury Publishing Yet: 8 Self-Publishing Canards

Send to KindleLast week, David Vinjamuri wrote a thought-provoking piece on the future of publishing, entitled “Publishing Is Broken, We’re Drowning In Indie Books—And That’s a Good Thing.” The article is nuanced and non-partisan, the comments less so, as respondents … Continue reading

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Digging Up Blurbs

Send to KindleI was looking for a book in an airport recently, just in case the three paperbacks and the hundred or so novels stored in my Kindle failed to suffice, when I came upon a novel by a writer … Continue reading

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The Five Qualities Writers Need

Send to KindleToday I’d like to start by introducing you to a wonderful writer, Mika Ashley Hollinger, whose first novel just came out with Random House. I have a very personal relationship to this book and its author. Mika was … Continue reading

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Gail Hochman Interview, Part 2

Send to KindleHave you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in a literary agency? There’s not a lot of transparency in the business. Most agents erect high walls to protect themselves from constant interruption and to preserve their ability … Continue reading

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Interview with Literary Agent Gail Hochman

Send to KindleIf you think of getting published as a game of Candyland (younger readers, think of your favorite fantasy video game; religious readers, think of Pilgrim’s Progress), there is a broad swathe of the board, close to the end, … Continue reading

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Interview with Viking Editor Tara Singh

Send to KindleToday I have a huge treat for you: an interview with Ms. Tara Singh, an editor with Viking/Penguin who, I’m delighted to say, is now my editor, having acquired my latest novel for publication in 2013. If you’ve … Continue reading

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