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Films About Writers: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Send to Kindle  Sorry to be late with this post. I spent the last few days recuperating from a movie I saw over the weekend. The Words is about a writer who plagiarizes the work of another writer, gains fame … Continue reading

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Can Writing Be Taught?

Send to KindleMy last post about the bloodsuckers who prey on writers stirred up some interesting discussions on writers’ forums that I frequent. One writer, Cammy May Hunnicutt, agreed that paid reviews and submission services exploit naive writers and provide … Continue reading

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The Birth of a Novel

Send to Kindle  To a writer, the most terrifying sight in the world is a blank piece of paper. A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step, according to the Chinese philosopher, but as long as the direction … Continue reading

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Gail Hochman Interview, Part 2

Send to KindleHave you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in a literary agency? There’s not a lot of transparency in the business. Most agents erect high walls to protect themselves from constant interruption and to preserve their ability … Continue reading

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Interview with Viking Editor Tara Singh

Send to KindleToday I have a huge treat for you: an interview with Ms. Tara Singh, an editor with Viking/Penguin who, I’m delighted to say, is now my editor, having acquired my latest novel for publication in 2013. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Send to Kindle  Coming soon: interviews with Viking editor Tara Singh, top agent Gail Hochman, and bestselling author Diana Gabaldon. Sign up for the RSS or email feed so you won’t miss these!   At a certain point, after you’ve … Continue reading

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