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Cross-Writing: Gender Bending Through Fiction

Send to Kindle  I read a good book lately, and it got me thinking, as good books tend to do. The book was RESTLESS, by British novelist William Boyd, and it’s about two women, a mother and her grown daughter. … Continue reading

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“Too Much Body Language,” She Said, Frowning.

Send to KindleThere’s a secret to getting a first novel published, and it has nothing to do with platform, connections, or the ebb and flow of publishing’s tides. Not that those things don’t matter. They do matter as secondary factors, … Continue reading

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Films About Writers: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Send to Kindle  Sorry to be late with this post. I spent the last few days recuperating from a movie I saw over the weekend. The Words is about a writer who plagiarizes the work of another writer, gains fame … Continue reading

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Can Writing Be Taught?

Send to KindleMy last post about the bloodsuckers who prey on writers stirred up some interesting discussions on writers’ forums that I frequent. One writer, Cammy May Hunnicutt, agreed that paid reviews and submission services exploit naive writers and provide … Continue reading

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The Birth of a Novel

Send to Kindle  To a writer, the most terrifying sight in the world is a blank piece of paper. A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step, according to the Chinese philosopher, but as long as the direction … Continue reading

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Gail Hochman Interview, Part 2

Send to KindleHave you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in a literary agency? There’s not a lot of transparency in the business. Most agents erect high walls to protect themselves from constant interruption and to preserve their ability … Continue reading

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Interview with Viking Editor Tara Singh

Send to KindleToday I have a huge treat for you: an interview with Ms. Tara Singh, an editor with Viking/Penguin who, I’m delighted to say, is now my editor, having acquired my latest novel for publication in 2013. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Send to Kindle  Coming soon: interviews with Viking editor Tara Singh, top agent Gail Hochman, and bestselling author Diana Gabaldon. Sign up for the RSS or email feed so you won’t miss these!   At a certain point, after you’ve … Continue reading

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